Friday, November 30, 2007

Poor Mr.Pigeon

Poor Mr. Pigeon has been sulking in the corner muttering about migration all afternoon. Apparently he hasn't taken too well to his hen friend's popularity. He emerged from my bag at work this morning to cries of "I prefer the hen" and "No, the hen's much better" and not even his special Christmas hat managed to persuade them otherwise.

The little hens on the other hand have been doing very well for themselves -there's even a small waiting list for them :)

First day of advent (and therefore daily chocolate) tomorrow! YEY!

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dottycookie said...

Oh poor Mr Pigeon. I have a friend who would like him very much, and if I can remember how to crochet I might just download the pattern and have a go! Have you ever tried knitting them (I really am rubbish at crochet)?