Monday, May 17, 2010

Mr.P on TV

Finally! An update!

Mr.Pigeon was very excited tonight. Back in November I took him (along with Mr.P 056 in his box, a little hen and a range of Pigeon Loft and Pigeon Press products) to Manchester to present my case to appear on "High Street Dreams", a new BBC show about helping people with products to develop them for the high street. The team loved Mr.P, but he wasn't selected to appear on the programme, which is perhaps lucky because it looks like hard work and the past few months have been jam-packed enough as it is!

Anyway, I was very surprised upon tuning in tonight to find this in the first few minutes of the show...

(if you've ever wondered what my hands and elbows look like you're in for a treat!)

Mr.P 056's passport

...and a carrier pigeon bag!

I just hope that television stardom doesn't go to his head.

If you're in the UK you can watch High Street Dreams on iPlayer. It's very good.