Sunday, November 18, 2007


When I woke up to find the grape juice on my window sill covered with frost I decided it was time to crochet something to keep away the cold. I also just happened to have watched Legally Blonde for the somethingteenth time and wanted to make myself a crocheted hat with a flower similar to the one in the film. This is the result...

The hat (which isn't pointy- it's folded in half) was surpisingly quick and easy to make but the scarf took aaaaaaages. (I watched Sweet Home Alabama whilst making the scarf to keep myself entertained - predictable but a good film to crochet to).
They're both my own pattern so if you would like to make your own just e-mail me and I'll type up the instructions which are currently scribbled on the corner of my German homework.


dottycookie said...

Hang on, you made that in one evening? Blimey! I love the hat - I think I'm about 10 years too old to wear it but it is verfy cute!

Anonymous said...

wow, your so quick at crochet! maybe its really cold there and speed was a necessity, but they look fabulous!