Friday, February 1, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Hello! It's been a while but after paying for excess baggage, nearly missing my second flight and a very rough landing into Newcastle I'm back on British soil (which at the moment is covered in snow)

But never mind, I arrived home to this fab fishy fabric from Diane:

It's not a very clear photo but you can just about make out their names: Robert, Bjorn and Malcolm :) I'll have to think of something special to make from it.

Good news for those waiting for pigeons- they're just waiting to have beaks attached then will be ready for purchase. Below is a picture of some of the last batch with the original rugby pigeon. It was a special rugby club order and I've sworn never to make another pigeon rugby shirt ever again!
And finally thank you to Ruth for giving me an "Amazing Blogger" award, I'm very flattered...haven't quite worked out how to get the little picture up though.