Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mr. Pigeon meets his idols

After an hour and a half standing in the cold outside Waterstones in Nottingham, Mr. Pigeon finally got to meet his food heroes - The Hairy Bikers!

...though it looks like it's a good job I was there to save him from becoming pigeon pie.

Their new book is all about family recipes handed down through the generations, so I thought I'd hand my own recipe (i.e. the only recipe in my folder which I haven't taken from some book or other) down to you to try. It's very easy and very tasty. Just click on the picture to make it bigger...or if that fails, e-mail me for a printable copy:

Finally, I apologise for not updating more frequently. The Pigeon Loft is being (very slowly) re-branded and I'm working (with the help of a very patient and clever friend) on a proper website, which will be Mr.P's online home. Hopefully it will include this blog, more pigeon adventures, colouring sheets, recipes, tutorials etc. If you'd like to request anything to be included in this new site, I'd be very glad to hear your ideas!