Friday, June 24, 2011

Mr. Pigeon's Famous Friday: Masquerade

I've noticed Mr.Pigeon has been swooping about mysteriously lately. He has been quite reclusive, but he has also started listening to organ music and crooning loudly at night.

I presumed it had something to do with his Darth Vader cape.

Mr. Pigeon has always been a bit of a prima donna, but today he made the strangest diva demand yet.

What would a pigeon want with a chandelier?

Oh. I see. The Pigeon of the Opera?

It's no wonder. It is one of my pigeon-making DVDs of choice.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Good evening (or day...or morning. Take your pick)

Thank you for tuning in to the Pigeon News Network.

This is your host, Mr. Pigeon. (It really is him. Don't let the glasses fool you)

It has been an eventful week for the Pigeon Loft with many announcements to make and exciting plans for the future.

These are today's top stories.

PIGEON PRODUCTION CONTINUES. Don't worry, pigeon fanciers! Although Mr.Pigeon has been getting more than a few new outfits recently, pigeon production still continues in the background. A perfect new wool has been sourced that makes nice, chunky pigeons.

GREETINGS CARDS: Pigeon Loft greetings cards will soon be going into production. I have many ideas for designs and am eager to hear your opinions. What sort of cards do you usually buy? Do you prefer square or rectangular cards? Would you be interested in such a product?

STRIKE A POSE: Mr.Pigeon will continue to delight and entertain (and show off) in his impressive array of costumes.
I have an extra-exciting pigeon fashion challenge lined up for the next month. Mr.Pigeon will sport no fewer than (and probably more than) 10 costumes over the course of a week.

I'll let you know the theme closer to the time :-)

That's all this evening's news. Thanks for watching PNN.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Feel the Force on Father's Day


Today I heard a strange sound. It was something like an asthmatic vacuum cleaner.
I followed the noise and soon realized it was coming from a mysterious dark figure. He was holding this...

As I approached I heard him mutter something.

"I sense a presence..."



Now, my name is not Luke and, as far as I remember, my father is not blue-grey, crocheted or 15cm tall.

Must be a case of mistaken identity. How strange...

p.s. you may have noticed from the little button on the right of the blog that you can now follow Mr.Pigeon on Twitter. More on that story later :-) @thepigeonloft

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Devil in Disguise

You may have noticed there's been a little less conversation around here lately. Things have been very busy since the last pigeon release and I'm all shook up, but let me assure you, Pigeon Loft readers, that you were always on my mind.

So wherever you are, whether it be way down in (Viva) Las Vegas* or in the ghetto, I want to tell you that this blog would not survive without the wonder of you. So for that I say...

*OK, I admit that was a bit of a stretch! Don't be cruel :-)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last hen standing

Miss. Hennypenny 020 is in the Etsy shop! (UPDATE 13.06.11: not anymore!)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011


You may remember (though it was two years ago) that Mr.Pigeon likes to dress up.

I had such fun making little costumes that I plan to make 'The Many Faces of Mr.Pigeon" a regular feature and I hope you enjoy Mr.Pigeon's fancy dress as much as I do.

To kick it off, here's one superhero dressed as another superhero...