Saturday, March 15, 2008

Extraordinary Eggs and Pigeon Post

Miss Hennypenny got back to her nest after a long day to find a mysterious shiny egg...

...maybe if she sat on it something would happen... her surprise it hatched!

She clucked at Mr.Pigeon to come and have a look at this strange white egg and they pecked it open to find a pleasant-smelling gloopy substance...what was it?


Oh dear- must have been a champagne truffle.

In other news, Mr.Pigeon 019 who flew off to meet his new owner Monkee Maker in Bristol last month arrived safe and sound and is already being spoilt with coffee, muffins, seed, a trip to Iceland and his very own photo collage! (If you haven't read this brilliant post...which is unlikely...then you must!)

And finally, as I'm far far away (in Germany) and new pigeons will only be available once I get home in summer (yes, I know it's a long way away but postage from Deutschland is VERY expensive) I've decided to start a little mailing list to let pigeon fanciers know when they become available. If you would like to be added then please let me know your e-mail address via the pigeon loft e-mail address (above).
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bargain Yarn and Gummy Pigs

This is my bargain bamboo/cotton yarn (1.75 euro) and groovy new coloured-handled crochet hook. I tested the hook (successfully) on Mr. Pigeon 024. Unfortunately nothing new has been made yet (although there are plans for that red yarn) but I've discovered a great patchwork and sewing shop with some great patterns for snails and chickens and yet another wool shop even closer to where I live. It was closed yesterday so that's something to explore tomorrow.
Do you recognise "Fred Ferkel"?

They're exactly the same as M&S Percy Pigs and are slightly cheaper so I'm VERY happy :D

I know I promised pictures of cake but by the time I got my apricot custard slice back home there wasn't much left to take a photo of. Sorry. Maybe next time...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hallo Heidelberg!

Guten Tag! It's been a while.

I arrived in Germany just over a week ago to embark on the second half of my year abroad and have only just got t'internet set up after filling in a lot of forms and trying to decipher the set-up instructions. At least this connection is lightning fast unlike the one in Spain so there's no excuse for me not to post photos!

Before coming out here I spent 2 1/2 weeks in England going to a 21st in Edinburgh, an 80th round the corner, going to York , Durham and finally Bristol to find somewhere to live next year and whenever I had a spare moment I was doing something pigeon-related.

This was the latest batch (there were 3 more who went to the Rugby Club and New York) and these little chaps (and one chapette) were sent off to various places in the UK.

I've already found the wool shop in Heidelberg and it's very good and very cheap. I've just crocheted a new hat for about 60pence (photos to follow). Most exciting of all however are the bakeries. On the pre-term German course I am taking we get breakfast every morning which consists of a choice of sandwiches, pretzels, jammy or chocolate doughnuts, croissants, pain au chocolat, cheese bread, chocolate muffins...the list goes on. Mmmmmmmmmmm. This makes up for the dreadful weather. As you can see, it's a wee bit grey and I was told today that snow was forecast...

Hopefully the sun will come out later and Mr.Pigeon (or Herr. Taube as he should be called here) and I will go out and take some more photos........probably of cakes.