Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hasta la vista, amiga gallina!

This morning (after taking a few photos) I said goodbye to my second chicken (...or hen- I never know the difference) as she was wrapped up as a birthday present and handed over to start her new life in Spain.

Her tag says "Hola! Me llamo ________. Soy to amiga gallina. CuĂ­dame bien, por favor" or "Hello! My name is ________. I am your hen friend. Please take good care of me"

She's been called "Caponata" after the Big Bird-like hen in Spanish Sesame Street. It's also the name of a greek dish of some sort but don't worry, she should be nice and safe- the meat of choice here is pork (...but with omelette being a national favourite she'll have a lot of work to do...)

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