Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BAs and Holid-As!

Well, it's been a busy two-and-a-half weeks! We went down to Bristol for this:

I received my BA in Modern Languages and Mr. Pigeon collected his BA (Bird of Arts) degree in Pidgin English and then we headed off on holiday to this place...

...can you guess where Mr. Pigeon and I went? I'll give you a few clues...
We didn't have to go far...

...we had a few cream teas...

...and a few of these...

Don't be fooled by the photos- it wasn't that sunny. It was raining about 90% of the time :-)

Unfortunately there are no prizes for guessing!

But talking of prizes, the Pigeon Loft has been nominated for the Dorset Cereals little blog awards! Hooray! If you fancy a chance to win some of their cerealy goodies or would just like to show your support for Mr.P, just click on the picture at the top right of the page or go straight to the site to vote for us and enter yourself in the free prize draw! Thank you :-)

Monday, July 13, 2009


little red bus thank you note cards

gingerbread man customised note cards

@ pigeon press

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mr. Pigeon's Pet

You may remember that quite a while back (almost a year in fact) I asked you to tell me what you would like to see happen at The Pigeon Loft this year. The overwhelming majority of you said that you'd like to see Mr. P with one or more little baby pigeons.

Do you want to know what Mr.Pigeon thought about that idea?

He wasn't entirely keen.

In fact, I'm not sure he even knows where baby pigeons come from.

Where do baby pigeons come from, Mr.P?


...the pigeon obviously knows more than I gave him credit for.

Anyway, Mr.Pigeon is quite used to his bachelor lifestyle, but did think he would like some company, so I suggested he get a pet to look after.

Obviouly it would have to be a fairly low-maintenance pet for a pigeon to look after and, bearing in mind the various gingerbread man- related incidents, it was crucial that Mr.P's new pet was not edible.

We settled on the idea of a pet rock- it wouldn't need walking, wouldn't make much noise and wouldn't make much mess.

Now, you can get tame pet rocks like these.....

...in specialist rock pet shops like this one.

But if you're really lucky...

...you might stumble across a wild one in your garden...


Come back soon to see how Mr.Pigeon and bird's best friend, Spot, are getting on :)