Monday, October 27, 2008


The Pigeon Loft is exactly one year old today.

Thank you all so much for reading this waffle and for following Mr.Pigeon's adventures so far- what a busy year it's been!

Mr.Pigeon 007 and his glamourous assistant Miss.Hennypenny were made one year ago in Spain and since then they have seen over 50 brothers and sisters fly off to new homes in Scotland, England, Spain, Germany, US, Singapore, Australia and Belgium, they have had their photos taken in various european cities and have eaten many a nice piece of cake with their owner :)

Special thanks go to Ruth and Val- my first 'regulars' (and some of my first customers!) who have been leaving kind comments ever since before The Pigeon Loft came about on the old blog Off The Hook

Now, you can't have a birthday without presents, so I am going to offer you the chance to win a little woolly 'present'- a bird to be more precise. Just leave a comment stating whether you would prefer a pigeon or a chicken (no, you can't say both- I'm not made of money) and tell me what you would like to see Mr.Pigeon getting up to in the Pigeon Loft's 2nd year.
I will pick a winner out of a hat (well, more likely a bowl) and hopefully announce the result on Sunday...GOOD LUCK!


Marie said...

Is everybody not posting because nobody wants to be poster #1 as #1 never gets picked in those random number thingies, even though its supposed to be random so you'd expect it to pop up at least once in a while??

I'll take my chances with #1 and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY pigeon blog! I've loved reading your feathered adventures. I think Mr.Pigeon's had enough excitement though, he really should consider finding a nice pigeon lady, settling down and having a couple of ickle pigeon babies.

Oh.... and pigeon would definitely be my choice. I always find chickens a bit sinister!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...


I'm so very glad The Pigeon Loft was created - it has given us so many laughs!

More cake should definitely be on the agenda for Mr P for the next year but I must admit I rather like Marie's suggestion too - tiny baby pigeons would be adorable!

If I'm lucky enough to win then it would have to be a Henny Penny to keep Lofty in order!

Lucy x

Gina said...

Happy Birthday!
I love reading Mr Pigeon's adventures so it would have to be a pigeon if I was lucky enough to win!
Gina x

April said...

Happy Birthday Pigeon Loft!!! #

I would love a pigeon and I would love to see Mr Pigeon try and take over the world - he'd be a much better PM than Gordon Brown, or maybe he should try the US - I'd vote for Mr Pigeon any day!!!

April xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Happy blogday!! Miss Martha HP would love a pigeon friend to keep her company (and to pick on!).

I think My P needs to be a real 007 & save the world like James Bond!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Happy Birthday Pigeon Loft!! Ponsonby Sprocket (Mr P #040) also sends his regards.

If I won I would love a pigeon which I would give to my sister for Christmas. She lives in Devon and has a continual battle with seagulls. I think a pigeon squadron would be a great back-up in defending her roof from those flying rats!! Also, she really covets Ponsonby, in fact she did actauuly come up with his name :o).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Look forward to the next year. Mr P and Miss T send their love too!

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday Pigeon Loft!!!

Gloria Hennypenny said she'd rather like a handsome pigeon to chat to :-)

As for the coming year it seems great minds think alike - I was thinking a nice big pigeon wedding - complete with veil and vicar pigeon of course!!


Snowberry and Lime said...

Hey, congrats!

Reminds me, I should really get that yarn sent out to you, sometimes I am just so not focused. :D

Really sweet of you to host a giveaway, and here I go entering for a chance to get my own pigeon.

For the future, it would be too cute to have a few young pigeons around this place, or am I moving things along too quickly?


Brenda said...

Happy Birthday! Woo-Hoo! Way to go ...
I would love to see Mr Pigeon fly off to Hosts across the country who will tour him around their state and document his adventures. Oh well, maybe I should say across the world since he is in Europe, eh? But he could fly via first class mail.=) New Hampshire (USA) can be his first stop!

dottycookie said...

Happy Flappy Birthday!

Baby pigeons, deffo - seems many of us are agreed on that! Mr P is all grown up now, after all. And 50 pigeons in a year - that's very nearly one a week. Good grief!

Should I be lucky enough to win, I'd very much like a little chicken to keep Mr P017 company.

Di said...

Congratulations!! Happy first birthday!! I am glad that I found you way back when.....Pigeon Poop says happy birthday too!!

monda-loves said...

Happy bloggy birthday Charlie. In your next bloggy year, Mr Pigeon could go to a cookery school and actually learn how to make a cake!


P.S. I like the pigeon best

Erika said...

Happy Birtyday!!! I loooove the pigeon best.

syko kajsa said...

Happy birthday to all three of you! And thank you for taking the time to pay regular visits to my blog!

crafty pam said...

Congratulations Charlie.
Would love to see baby pigeons.
If I won would give to a very envious daughter ( I have a pigeon and Chicken) Chicken was supposed to have been a pigeon for daughter but succombed to a chicken for me...bad mother that I am

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday! I've enjoyed reading your crazy adventures! It's all been a lot of fun! I think I'd love to have a train driver pigeon! My 3 year old Jackson is a made keen train lover and he's always looking for new "characters" to drive his trains!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I'd have to say that I would like to see Mr. Pigeon settle down and have a few baby pigeons in the next year. The misadventures of his little pigeons would be hilarious!!!

Kellie C.
Munster, IN US

Secret Squirrel said...

Happy 1st birthday charlie and feathered (or otherwise) friends.

I just love the blog and am so sorry that i have not been commenting as much...I am still here though and loving every post.

As for future pigeon adventures...hmmmm.
I just love the every day pigeon activities like going to the cafe or the bakery..That WAS funny.

I guess you already know that i would LOVE to win a pigeon....fingers crossed.

Thanks for the chance to win one.
xox eve xox

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday!

I'd love to see Mr.Pigeon here with our budgies. Looking forward to more adventures where ever they are.


AnnieB said...

happy birthday to you and the chickens and the and mine would LOVE a pigeon...we would take her to the park to play with the dastardly crow that stalks our running man and the nice squirrels

annemarie said...

What a great giveaway - Happy Birthday - oh how I would love a pigeon.

Rachelmp said...

Happy Pigeon Loft birthday Charlie! I just love those adventures, and show off Mr Pigeon too

CrazyJaneDesigns said...

I would love to have a pigeon of my vey own , so may i go in the pigeon pack to be picked please.
and I'd quite like to see mr pigeon's interpretation of some classic movies. gone with the wind perhaps, or casablanca, just a thought.

summerfete said...

congrats on your first birthday pigeon patron!!

I still say rocken robin!! pleeease!

Pigeon pigeon please!

Clare (robin lover)

Kitty said...

Happy Birthday Pigeon Loft! I think you are a very talented blogger - the pigeons and hens are great - and so is your art work.

Call me an old romantic, but I'd like to see Mr Pigeon fall in love :-D


Anonymous said...

A very happy birthday to you

With love and clucks

Miss Gloria Hennypenny (Rutland)

Blossom said...

I love your pigeon!!!!!tooo cute!!!!!

I would like to see Mr Pigeon come *Down Under*!!!!!

maryanne said...

I love your pigeon tales and am on the waiting list but never am quite fast enough to scoop one uo so I'll say pigeon please!

monkee maker said...

Happy First Birthday Pigeon Loft - and may there be many more!!

I think them there pigeons are now officially beating monkees in the quest for world domination!

Next year I think you should just carry on as you are, as you're doing a stirling job already.


ps. Much as I love Greg, please don't enter me in your draw ..... can't believe I'm saying this .... I hope some pigeon-less/hen-less person wins him/her *sob*

pps. Love the beads in your last post - the pigeon one is genius!

Jacqui said...

Happy First Birtday Pigeon Loft! I love reading your blog and pigeon adventures.
I'm agreeing with others here and say Mr.P should have more cake and tiny baby pigeons would be adorable. I think there must be room for a robin too - a good suggestion and I can definately picture a lovely round robin sitting with a pigeon and a hen.
If I am lucky enough to be picked please could I have a pigeon? :)

Manoute said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Well, is Mr P going to uni sometimes? I would like to see him in his everyday life... where does he get his cakes for example?
Leon would be delighted to have a girlfriend...


gingerwine said...

Cutest cutest CUTEST blog - I love reading your blog!!
I would love to adopt a Pigeonxxxx Love Sam

Chocolate Cat said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love reading about Mr Pigeon's adventures, maybe next year he can try some new hobbies!!!
I would choose a pigeon if I was lucky enough to win!

Laura W said...

Happy Birthday!! Wow, I love all the ideas, how cute would baby pigeons be! I would love a hen if I was lucky enough to win.
Here's to another year of pigeon adventures!

Apryl said...

Happy Birthday! I would love to win a pigeon... or you know what might sound really silly but I would love to have one for a bit and take him on an adventure then send him on again to somone else.. it would be a really cool sort of swap... add a few bits to the parcel to send it to the next person.. and a fab postcard or picture to send back to you.. or is that just a silly idea?

Jozza said...

Oooooooh Happy Birthday Pigeon Loft!! :o)

Hope I'm not too late for a chance to win one of these gorgeous creatures!!! I would love to win a pigeon!!

Now what would I like to see Mr Pigeon get up to this next year???

Well......I think I'd like to see him go incognito and infiltrate Al Quaida bringing down Osama Bin Laden!



Ok....well how about finding a nice respectable Mrs Pigeon and producing lots of pigeon babies then?


Jodie said...

happy Birthday Pigeon loft. It's sunday here , but I am not sure if it is still Sunday there, anyway I hope there are plenty more lofty birthdays for you to celebrate. I'm going to throw a teapot through a window soon.....

whatsthatfluffinmyhead said...

Oooh Happy Birthday Pigeon Loft! :D
If I should be so fortunate to win one, I'd like another pigeon please!

Would love to see Mr. Pigeon get into more mischief. More food adventures perhaps? :P

Totty Teabag said...

A belated happy birthday to all in the Loft...

Carol R said...

A Happy Birthday! Please enter me into the draw for a pigeon.