Monday, August 22, 2011

The Show Must Go On...

Apologies for the lack of Famous Friday posts recently, the camera cable decided to wander off and I was under pressure to find it and update you on Mr.P's latest costume. Fortunately, as if by a kind of magic, it showed up today, so the show must go on.

Mr. Pigeon has already dressed as royalty (I thought he made a killer queen), but today he decided to pay homage to rock royalty. Can you guess who Mr. Pigeon is?

If you guessed Brian May and Freddie Mercury of Queen, then you are correct.

(Though if you thought the first one was Cher or Jimi Hendrix I can forgive you. Pigeon hair-styling is no easy task)

Mr. Pigeon will be on holiday for a little while, feeling the sun on his feathers and pecking paella by a pool*, so ¡hasta luego, amigos!

*more likely he will be getting squashed in my bag between a bottle of water and an iPod.


trash said...

Definitely killer queen.

Anonymous said...

Rock royalty indeed! He looks a rhapsody in yellow in that jacket .I think Mr.P must be the love of your life and your best friend (a few more puns for you ).

Gina said...

Rocognised Brian May immediately! Hope you both have a good trip.

Moogsmum said...

I'm with Gina - I just knew that was Brian May Pigeon as soon as I saw him :o)

I hope Mr P has a lovely relaxing break!


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