Thursday, July 14, 2011

Famous Friday (sort of): Mr.P and Bea

After all the hard work I've been doing making pigeons and little costumes for Mr.Pigeon's blog, he kindly offered to give me a break this week. He offered to buy his own new fashion item. Something classy, chic and memorable.

I wasn't quite sure where he was going to get the money from, but my piggy bank now feels strangely light.

I was also intrigued to find this up on my computer screen the other day...

...looks like Mr.P is a fan of online shopping.

Sure enough, a few days later a little parcel arrived and Mr. Pigeon scheduled a photo shoot for his latest accessory.

What do you think?

I guess we now know who the mystery bidder was!

See Twitter for another stunning shot :-)


Anonymous said...

He models it so well!!!

dottycookie said...

I have coffee up my nose now - thank you Mr P!

trash said...

Mr P! That completely ties in with the idea I had on reading the title of this post - The Princess and Mr.Pea. You could get Charlie to craftificate a whole load of mattresses and lie underneath all but the bottom one (wouldn't want your tail feathers getting squooshed) then have some trollopy creature dress up all princessy and lounge around on the top mattress.

You are welcome. You may have that idea for free ;)

Hahaha word verif. is 'dedly' which is what you might end up as if the princess in question is more Eugenie than Kate.

Moogsmum said...

Snort!! It actually suits Mr P far better than it did Princess B!


julie said...

what about a 'Pippa' pigeon ?

Di said...

Heehee! Very clever Mr P! Pigeon Loft must be a little bit poorer now though!

Gina said...

That is so funny. The best yet!

Anonymous said...

How DO you do it? How do you get so much expression into a small round knitted creature?
I swear, he is the Marcel Marceau of woolly pigeons.
And *you* are a comic genius. I wish I'd sat next to you at school.

Locket Pocket said...

Priceless Charlie!