Sunday, April 27, 2008

A very happy birthday :)

I turned 21 on Saturday (which is over half way to 40 and apparently "all downhill from now on" as people kindly keep pointing out) and have come home from Germany for a few days.

On Friday I arrived home having taken 2 wrong trains, ending up in a Frankfurt ghetto, nearly missing the plane and getting to Newcastle only to find that although I had made the flight my suitcase hadn't! After the not-too-successful journey I was very pleased to arrive home to a big pile of post on my bed...

The parcels contain beautiful fabrics from Nature's Threads and from Japan, bright pink tweezers and a prize for winning Sarah's giveaway.

I knew I would be getting a lovely knitted coffee cup accessory but was delighted to find a beautifully sewn needle case too! This was the only photo where the sun wasn't so bright everything came out totally white. The needle case cover is a very jazzy orange and I am so impressed by how neat her work is.

Thank you so much, Sarah!

I got some great crafty things for my birthday as well including some more Japanese fabrics and a really good book about sewing your own clothes.
Hope everybody had as good a weekend as I've had!

p.s. in case you were wondering, the suitcase made it back home on Saturday morning- good old British Airways :)


quiltdude said...

Happy 21st Charlotte, what a way to mark your birthday,with dodgee travel. You've still got a few years before things go downhill. I thought the saying was life begins at 40! I hope so coz I'll be 40 next year, gulp! Glad your home safe and sound.
The needlecase is lovely. Did you get the funky green fabrics from the ebay shop?

Di said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte!! Definitely not all downhill from 21! It actually gets better!! (So says the 38 year old who think she is still 21!!)

I hope you have a great time at home and manage to get back to Germany without too much hassle!

Manoute said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte! I agree with the comments above, it is really now that it starts to get better (I am 35).
I hope you will post some pix of the fabric.
Enjoy Germany (I am going there in June for 3 weeks)

AnnieB said...


yep, definitely get sbetter as you go so don't fret

love that fabric beneath your parcels - very cute

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

We want more photos!!!! You can't go telling us about lovely fabric parcels and then not show us what they look like! Shame on you!!!!

Happy Birthday by the way! I can almost remember what it was like to be 21................ poor old thing that I am now!

Actually, on my 21st my husband (new boyfriend then) gave me a Sesame Street book with the buttons down the side that you press for the different noises - he was shocked to realise that I had never watched Sesame Street!

Lucy x

P.S. Just think, if you are getting crafty/sewingy/scrummy books and fabrics for your 21st birthday think how much more stuff you will have by the time you are 36 - I only started getting "crafty stuff" birthday presents in recent years - you'll practically have a shop by the time you are my age!

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday to You!!!

I'm 21 - twice :)

I'm glad you had lots of crafty goodies for your birthday and I hope you have a great time at home.

Also, I hope you have a great time meeting Mrs Locket. She's not nearly as scary as she'd have you believe ;)


Monkee Maker said...

Happy belated birthday! Ignore everyone! I'm staring straight down the barrel of 40 and I don't like it!! (although possibly stamping your feet indicates that age isn't always everything in the grown-up stakes ....)

Hope you have a great 21st year with loads of crafting going on ... looks like you got some fab stuff to be getting on with.


dottycookie said...

Happy Birthday Charlie! Sounds like an excellent birthday was had :-)

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday! Its a long way to 40 though!!

Katy said...

Happy Belated birthday!!! 21? Now I feel old. I loved my 20s best of all. 30 was a killer (but I did get the gingermonkey in my 30th) and now I have started ignoring the actual numbers. I even got it wrong when someone asked the other week - I said I was 32, but I'm 33 - see, it's downhill from 30, ha ha ha!!!

Suzie Sews said...

WOW happy birthday (belated sorry) 21 eh...well I approach the 40 mark later this year and let me tell gets better!!! Its just people go to me...your never 40!!!! I know its a compliment but it is a big milestone, but then again so is 21, the world is at your feet and go and have a great time!!! (Knowing that it just gets better and better...)

nicky said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day. I love love love those sweet chickens. You are so clever.

Secret Squirrel said...

Happy Day (sorry it is late)

I deleted your last email by mistake....ummm...could you send it again

Thanks and happy birthday once is my birthday this saturday..eeep

xox eve xox