Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bargain Yarn and Gummy Pigs

This is my bargain bamboo/cotton yarn (1.75 euro) and groovy new coloured-handled crochet hook. I tested the hook (successfully) on Mr. Pigeon 024. Unfortunately nothing new has been made yet (although there are plans for that red yarn) but I've discovered a great patchwork and sewing shop with some great patterns for snails and chickens and yet another wool shop even closer to where I live. It was closed yesterday so that's something to explore tomorrow.
Do you recognise "Fred Ferkel"?

They're exactly the same as M&S Percy Pigs and are slightly cheaper so I'm VERY happy :D

I know I promised pictures of cake but by the time I got my apricot custard slice back home there wasn't much left to take a photo of. Sorry. Maybe next time...


Di said...

Aha - you've discovered rodel yarn! It is great yarn - so many colours and such cheap prices!! I was laughing at the thought of your cake only making it home in a half eaten state that couldn't possibly be photographed - maybe you should take the picture in the shop!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hooray!!! I've finally learnt how to crochet!!! Well Granny Squares are all I can do so far but that's good enough for me right now! Are those hooks with handles more comfortable to use? Lucy x

P.S. Finding cheaper Percy Pigs is good, but do they have Percy's friends with the cola flavoured cow too coz he's my favourite?

Anonymous said...

Wow, 2 wool shops and a fabric shop! What are you going to make with the red yarn?