Thursday, December 13, 2007


It's cold and grey outside so instead of more grey pigeons have some colour...

Jake the Woollysaurus
Coco the Clownfish


This was part of an order for somebody at 'work' (I say 'work' as I don't do much besides drink tea and eat cake and don't get paid either) who is going to give them to the children she looks after as presents. The fish and dinosaur are my own patterns but I can't take credit for the tortoise. I bought his pattern from Etsy a while ago. I also made another hen but ufortunately the photos of her are blurry. Never mind, I'm sure you've had enough bird-related posts :D


Anonymous said...

They are brilliant and work sounds fun too tea and cake, not bad!

pink-petal-designs said...

Love them, i also have the pattern for the last one but couldn't do it lol, i'll stick to knitting i think.
Sarah x

Anonymous said...

eeeek - they are just toooooo cute!!! I just love your work so much. I am sure they will be inceadibly loved and cherished. Love the Nemo!!!

dottycookie said...

Oh you're so clever - they're gorgeous!