Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Postcard from Mr. Pigeon.

...well, he is a Croatian pigeon. Or is that crochet pigeon? 

Either way, he seems to feel quite at home.


Anonymous said...

Love the flip flops Mr.Pigeon !

Muddling Through said...

My goodness, Charlie! I just never know where you and Mr. P will pop up next! Love the picture of the svelte sunbather.

two hippos said...

He looks very relaxed, soaking up the sun!

Di said...

Happy holidays!! He is definitely a croation pigeon! Loved that.....made me smile lots! I am off to Cannes soon - can't wait to see some sun.

BrixPig said...

Looking good Mr P! x

eli said...

Dear Thepigeonloft, I'm in love with what you do !! really
You're so talented. The pigeon is soo cute !
I saw your shop on Etsy but there's nothing on it. Would it be possible to order you a pigeon?
We have a joke on this with my boyfriend and i'd love to offer one to him for Christmas

Thank you for your answer. enjoy croatia :)